Request For Proposal

Request for Proposal

Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission Locations Video

Company Background
The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is a non-profit organization serving both Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.  We act as the liaison between film productions and the community.  We are responsible for marketing the area as a film friendly location, connecting local crew with jobs, and encouraging productions to utilize local businesses, all of which stimulates our economy.

Project Description
The project consists of shooting and editing one (1) 30-second cut and one (1) 2 - 3 minute cut video of the region’s film friendly, unique and stellar locations.  The 30-second cut can be derived from the 2-3 minute cut.  The videos must be delivered in a format that the film commission can store and reproduce.

Design Requirements
The design of the video should be similar to Finland Film Commission Video showcasing their film friendly locations.  Please visit to view video.  The Film Commission will assist in development of story board and will have final approval.

Technical and Infrastructure Requirements
The filmmaker must have the ability to shoot and edit the videos with their own equipment and office space.

Functional Requirements
The videos need to be in a format suitable to be uploaded to various media sites as well as be able to be copied from a master DVD with menu options.  The Film Commission will have final approval of acceptable formats.

Estimated Project Duration
The required completed date is September 1st of 2014 at 5pm.

Assumptions and Agreements
The bids should not exceed $4000. Any hard copy proposals or demonstration materials will not be returned.  Preference will be given to local filmmakers of the region.  The RFP is open to all filmmakers in California.

Submission Information
Deadline for submission is May 16th of 2014 at 5pm.  Please email to or deliver to Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission 1385 8th Street, Suite 106, Arcata, CA 95521.

For Additional Information or Clarification
Contact Film Commissioner, Cassandra Hesseltine at or call 707-825-7600.

Basis for Award of Contract
The proposal will be evaluated by the following criteria: Previous videography and experience demonstrating similar content, budget, and references.

Anticipated Selection Schedule
May 16th at 5pm: proposal close

May 19th & 20th: review of all proposals

May 21st – 23rd: top three finalists will be notified to present to Film Commission

May 26th- 28th: top three present proposals

May 30th: finalist is selected