scam alert image

ATTENTION: Scammers have targeted our online local crew list. A 415 phone number, using various names, has been asking locals to do pre-production work for a fake production. He has been asking local crew to set up a production office for a production that is supposedly coming to town. He went so far as to send out a fake check to the person being scammed. They are using this as an opportunity to get personal details such as social security numbers in what appears to be a phishing scam.

Please contact the film commission before communicating with any production hiring crew or contacting you to do any work on any project without a face-to-face meeting or phone conversation. The scammer's communication has only been happening via text and an email. The scammer refuses to have a phone conversation, zoom meeting, or meet in person.

If you have been scammed, contact your local police department or sheriff's department.